“Yeah, but they’re rubbish choices.”

I was reading an interview last week and I loved this:

Guernica: How do you think digital technology is affecting taste? When Pandora or Netflix suggests what you should listen to or watch, are you essentially outsourcing your taste to algorithms?

Grayson Perry: Yeah, but they’re rubbish choices. They’re like the choices your aunty makes for you. It’s bollocks. It’s nerds. It’s people solving a problem that didn’t exist. I buy music on iTunes, and when Genius came along, I thought, OK, we’ll see what it comes up with. I never bought anything on Genius, it never makes a suggestion I want. Because it’s always following you, it’s never leading you. It’s seen what you’ve done before, and it’s making decisions on that. In the same way that the ads that come down the side of your browser, they’re about things you’ve already bought. I don’t need a bicycle, I was buying a bicycle last week!

The rest of the interview is here–it’s actually about “good taste” and class, I recommend it!

feature image via Simple Desktops


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