sarah jeong: the internet of garbage

I really liked this interview with Sarah Jeong about her new book, The Internet of Garbage. The book is about online harassment and how badly it’s been handled on most places on the Internet. I’m really interested in how anonymity plays a role in that, personally–I’d like to believe that anonymity is more helpful than hurtful but I’m betting she has some counterexamples for that… Hopefully I can read it before my classes take over my life once again! Here are some good bits from the interview:

Some of the most prominent funded anti-harassment activism centers on carceral remedies — that is, resorting to police, prisons, and the criminal justice system. If you’re a person of color, trans, and/or a sex worker, you may be less willing to go to the police.

^^An awesome point that I’m gonna have to think more about.

For a platform that does or should tend towards free speech as a principle, the goal is to make a robust marketplace of ideas, one that’s open to many different kinds of voices. Moderation paradoxically increases the number of voices heard, because some kinds of speech chills other speech. The need for moderation is sometimes oppositional to free speech, but sometimes moderation aids and delivers more free speech.

*frames this and puts it on my wall*


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