3 games I’ve been enjoying recently

I am in the midst of pre-Thanksgiving college stress season and I really shouldn’t be blogging right now but here are 3 games (video games? questionable. Only one of them really has pictures) I’ve been playing instead of studying. This is worth every second of your time I promise:

(1) Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector: Oh my god. Oh my god. In this game you feed adorable cats and give them toys and sometimes they become friends with you. So good, so pure. I can’t stop. Also, it has its own subreddit, which is possibly the cutest and most soothing subreddit I have ever been on. Also, the theme song is great 😉



(2) Birdland: Birdland is a twine game about a 14-year-old girl who goes to camp and saves the world from weird bird-aliens. She also has a crush on her friend and (SPOILER) there’s a gay kiss!! I am still dying of cute 2 days after finishing it. This is the kind of game I want to be in the world yknow??

Screenshot 2015-11-21 21.01.58

all of the fun characters are girls, I 100% support this

(3) The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo: My friend and I traded Twine games a few weeks ago and this is what she recommended to me. And um?? 1) she has better taste than I do and 2) this is creepy as all get out! Play through all the endings.

Anyways peace out. I have a database to query…


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