i researched queer comics & all i got were these great longreads

what’s up what’s up. I’ve been working all semester on a research project about the trajectory of queer comics since the 1960s. That paper is (at long last) finished, but while I was researching I collected a bunch of interviews, standalone comics, and cartoonist profiles that didn’t exactly fit in the project but are well worth sharing. Here we go:

  • This interview with Alison Bechdel, mostly about Fun Home
  • This comic by Eric Orner about gentrification in Israel (it’s not directly queer, but Orner is one of the artists I researched. He wrote the strip “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green” which I also recommend!)
  • The graphic novel Sexile (a biography of Cuban-American trans artist/activist Adela Vazquez) by Jaime Cortez. Yes, he put the entire thing online for free, go read it now. I actually haven’t yet but I’m looking forward to it!
  • A couple of panels of Andrea Natalie’s strip “Stonewall Riots”. This strip ran in Outweek, a publication that was around for a hot second in the early 90s. I’m not sure if it ran anywhere else, but I feel like I’ve found a hidden treasure here and I think I need the entire anthology.
  • This little profile on Rica Takashima’s comic “Rica ‘tte Kanji!?”
  • And this one on Leanne Franson’s “Liliane, Bi-Dyke”

I have so many comics anthologies on my Amazon wishlist right now, you don’t even know. Read at your own risk. (Also if you need any webcomics recommendations, hit me up!)


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