things i read #6

Sometimes I read something really good online and I just wanna save it somewhere. This is that stuff. Split into categories for easier browsing! (Category names intentionally vague/sometimes inaccurate.)

Queer writing

Beauty Is Broken, Arabelle Sicardi for Medium’s Matter:  “Beauty teaches me time and time again that masculinity is a farce. Whatever I am, I am that thing imperfectly, femininely, and earnestly. Femininity isn’t any truer, but it is considerably less overrated, and it is kind. There’s an accomplice in every person who wants to be beautiful. There’s an accomplice in every person who knows what beauty means in this society and decides to defy it, even a little.” ughhh so good.

Frank Rich on Carol and Lesbian Culture at Vulture/New York Mag: I saw Carol and loved it and reading this was delicious. I just want to know everything.

The Laziest Coming Out Story You’ve Ever Heard, Chloe Caldwell for Medium’s Human Parts: I need more perfectly bitter stream-of-consciousness essays about how freaking weird it is to be queer in the world.

Weird Internet Stuff

Ermahgerddon: The Untold Story of the Ermahgerd Girl, Darryn King for Vanity Fair: Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Ermahgerd Girl. Also, did I read this correctly? Did Maggie Goldenberger, aka Ermahgerd Girl, at one point in time have A Girlfriend? (one of us, one of us) Also I’d just like to publicly say that I’m very upset that “Behind The Meme” isn’t an ongoing series at Vanity Fair.

Computer generated running at Computer-generated people running into a spinning metal bar. Listen, it’s very mesmerizing, I don’t know.

The One with Chicken Bob at Somebody put all the scripts of Friends into a neural network and had it generate new scenes. Yes.

For the love of god please read this!!

The Pioneering Poet for Interview Magazine: Tig Notaro interviews Andrea Gibson I’m sorry I have something in my eye :’)


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