surprise: facebook has a useful feature!

I like to rag on Facebook for its increasingly bloated set of features most of which are not useful at all. (Y’all I can’t wait to delete my Facebook.) But! The other day I discovered a feature that I actually really liked.

fb memories feature

Okay, I don’t love the “On This Day” feature (involuntary, opt-out rather than opt-in, invasive, etc.) but I appreciate the fact that you can filter both people and dates out of memory posts. I immediately thought that it would be useful for survivors of sexual assault and other trauma–kind of in the spirit of trigger warnings? I wonder if this feature was built-in from the start or if they put it in after getting complaints about it?

But then it’s kind of unpleasant that Facebook would then have data on specific dates that are traumatic for you. It would be horrible if your account got hacked or doxxed and harassers had access to the date of your assault or something like that. :/


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