things i read #8: internet ephemera

Sometimes I read something really good online and I just wanna save it somewhere. This is that stuff. Split into categories for easier browsing! (Category names intentionally vague/sometimes inaccurate.)

Digital history

The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens, Elspeth Reeve for The New Republic: Who even pitched this piece? Why does it exist? Mostly it makes me feel very estranged from The Teens–like, who are these people. I like the weird pixel graphics though.

The Kiss That Changed Video Games, Simon Parkin for The New Yorker: At E3 in 1999, an accidental gay kiss in The Sims made history (and also probably saved The Sims from certain death!).


How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell, Kashmir Hill for Fusion: All about IP addresses, and the direct irl consequences of a programming oversight.

“HELP” sign on deserted beach works at I think about getting stranded on desert islands on the regular so this is good to know. Admittedly this has very little to do with the internet BUT would I have been able to soothe this particular fear without the World Wide Web? Exactly.

The landscape of the internet

Video Is the Web’s Future and It’s a Wonderful Mess, Brian Feldman for nymag: THIS IS MY JAM. Basically, how video (Vine, Twitch, YouTube, etc.) has the potential to upend the dominant non-customizable design scheme of the internet right now.

Hilariously bad phone number web forms at So, so bad.

What was the first Under Construction and who cares? at One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age, which appears to be a blog about the Geocities archive: When did people using a “construction” metaphor for websites? Cool stuff!


This post about Chor-rnn at prostheticknowledge: A dancing generator based on deep learning! I love the internet.

^^maybe my favorite thing??



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