things i read #9

Sometimes I read something really good online and I just wanna save it somewhere. This is that stuff. Split into categories for easier browsing! (Category names intentionally vague/sometimes inaccurate.)

I found this post in my drafts just now so…this iteration of “things i read” is basically just a dump of all the interesting links sitting in my bookmarks right now. Moving to a new place and starting a new job where people aren’t sure what to do with you is a great way to consume lots of weird niche media. Here we go!

Nine non-threatening leadership strategies for women, Sarah Cooper for Quartz: lol (+ a big ol cringe because some of these are just too familiar)

Nearly Half of All Women in Jail Are Disabled, Rebecca Vallas for The Nation: I wish this article actually addressed women in particular (the headline is pulled from one tiny bar graph in the article which I am confused about?) but it was still pretty good. Even though I know intellectually that a lot of people in jail are mentally ill or otherwise disabled, I don’t have to confront this fact very often in my daily life and it’s striking to see the decline of mental health institutions alongside the rise of prisons.

Citizen Khan, Kathryn Schulz for The New Yorker: Best longread of my summer. The true story of Zarif Khan, an Arab tamale salesman who built up a following in rural Wyoming in the early twentieth century, is just plain fascinating on its own, but it’s also a pretty cool (and frustrating) account of the construction of race in America.

The truth about Kegels and ‘tight vaginas’, Charlotte Shane for Fusion: Y’all. Kegels are maybe a lie. As a person who loathes pointless exercise in pretty much every way, I was wickedly gleeful over this.

The Problem With Wearable Technology, According To “Blade Runner” Designer Syd Mead, Mark Wilson for Fast Company: Honestly I don’t totally remember why I bookmarked this but it does contain the line “Wearable technology is a term that is mindlessly inclusive” which is something I generally agree with.


Sex Positive, Sophie Yanow for The Nib: A great and informative comic about the legal can of worms behind HIV disclosure.

No, No, No: A Guide to Girling Wrong, Annie Mok for Rookie: I read a bunch of Annie Mok’s comics recently and it made me recognize some old and uncomfortable thoughts in myself. Cheers.



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