things i read #10

Sometimes I read something really good online and I just wanna save it somewhere. This is that stuff. Split into categories for easier browsing! (Category names intentionally vague/sometimes inaccurate.)

I just started a newsletter where I share links and I’m also reevaluating how I want to use my time and energy so I’m just gonna dump a buncha links here and not write about them. I’m trying to work on my long-form writing (meaning, not Twitter) and I’m not sure this is the avenue where I want to explore that.

Science/tech/idk man

Elaborately tattooed mummy brings archaeologists to tears / CBC News
Scientists discover giraffes are actually four different species /
Sampling bias: how a machine-learning beauty contest awarded nearly all prizes to whites / Boing Boing
“The App You’ve Never Heard Of”: Exploring Western Bias in Tech Media / Archana Madhavan for Model View Culture
The Makeup Industry’s Frustrating Cycle of Struggle and Progress for Women of Color / Clover Hope for Jezebel
How Cuts to Public Universities Have Driven Students Out of State / The New York Times. Definitely lines up with my experience.

Storytelling & personal writing

Ricarose Roque: Designing from My Childhood / Ricarose Roque for (oh hey I know her!!)
Reply All #76: Lost in a Cab
“Worse Things”: Sandy and Rizzo and Me / Mara Wilson for The Toast (RIP The Toast)
All You Have Eaten / Rachel Khong for Lucky Peach. Here’s a teaser: astronaut food!


What Nobody Tells You About Self-Care / Mawiyah Patten for The Mighty (also this and this, both from her blog)
6 Strategies For Reluctantly Talking to Men in Your Male-Dominated Workplace / Laura Mandanas for Autostraddle
Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless / Laurie Penny for The Baffler. upside down face emojiiiii

Pure nice internet content

View story at


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