things i read 2016: a link dump

I got Pocket and started a newsletter which atm seems like a much more useful way to share what I’m reading online. So it’s been a while since I put anything up here. But 2016 is almost ending so just for fun I decided to unload everything tagged “blog” in my Pocket rn. It’s not a “what I read this year” list so much as a “some stuff I read in the last months of 2016, more a life-logging task than anything else.”

I’m deeply concerned about life-logging by the way but I am too tired to write anything about that at this moment. Suffice it to say that Big Social owns your data already, hack into their databases and take it back. (joke, that’s a joke)

Inside InterVarsity’s Purge: Trauma and Termination at the Premier Evangelical Student Org (Deborah Jian Lee for Religion Dispatches which is a USC based blog I think)

The Foldscope: a paper microscope that costs $1 (on kottke dot org)

Last Taboo: Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal With Black Male Sexuality (Wesley Morris for The New York Times)

Honest Diversity in Tech Report (at The Cooper Review)

There’s No Recipe For Growing Up (Scaachi Koul for Buzzfeed News)

Love Will Trump Hate (Eventually) (Andrea Grimes for The Texas Observer) I know her on Twitter a little bit and she’s one to watch. Also Bible Belt organizers in general.

Free Recall (Britt S. Paris for Real Life Mag)

Scientists Just Proved That “Patient Zero” Did Not Bring HIV To The US (Azeen Ghorayshi for Buzzfeed News)

Black in Middle America (Roxane Gay for Brevity Mag)

Towards an Art History for Videogames (Lana Polansky for Rhizome) So gd good!!

The History of ‘Alt-‘ (written by someone smart at Merriam Webster, be my friend pls)

The danger of Tinder’s LGBT-friendly upgrade: How the dating app could be used to target trans users (Nico Lang for Salon)

I don’t belong in tech (Saron Yitbarek for Startup Grind)

Social Justice Discourse Fallacies (April Daniels, on her website)

What GitHub did to kill its trolls (Kristen V. Brown for Fusion)

How I Think About Scratch and Computer Science (Sarah Otts for the Scratch Foundation blog)

Journalists and Trump voters live in separate online bubbles, MIT analysis shows (Alex Thompson for Vice News) Shoutout to my colleagues at Social Machines, this project is called Electome and seeing it develop over a summer in 2015 was pretty cool. I can’t imagine what it must have been like over there during the actual election.

Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China (Mike Isaac for The New York Times)

Affluent and Black, and Still Trapped by Segregation (John Eligon and Robert Gebeloff for The New York Times)

The Physics of Melanin: Science and the Chaotic Social Construct of Race (Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein)

Why Am I So Fat? (Sara Benincasa for something called The Stories)

Last Take of the Year (Aevee Bee for ZEAL)


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