my work

Some things I’ve made (big & small):

  • this paper accepted to CHI 2016: I co-authored this paper called “Does Saying This Make Me Look Good?: How Posters and Outsiders Evaluate Facebook Updates” with Yi-Chia Wang and Dr. Robert Kraut while I was at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • #LGBTHistoryIsOK: a hashtag on Twitter about Oklahoma LGBT history, researched & tweeted by me & Sarah Otts
  • this playlist on 8tracks (and the cover art for it!)
  • this project on Scratch (a programming website for kids run out of the MIT Media Lab)
  • this poster: I presented a poster titled “Information Diffusion in Hyperlocal Networks: A Deep Dive in the Diffusion of Microfinance” at the Workshop on Information in Networks in 2015.
  • this collaborative gif that I made with my girlfriend at Foo Fest 2016 in Providence
  • a Windows-95 themed Connect Four game. I made it during an excellent Intro to Javascript course that I took for free at the Providence Public Library! Thanks Don Gregory & the Rhode Coders Club!
  • 3 great reads, my monthly-ish newsletter of interesting links

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